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Facing hardware and electronic design challenges?  High-speed transmission, space and weight constraints, EMI protection, strong vibrations...

Whatever your application requirements, together, we will find the best solution focusing on signal integrity and high-reliability performance.

Nicomatic has forged its reputation as an expert in rugged connectors for the aerospace, defence, medical and railway markets: we supply highly personalized solutions within short lead-times and without a minimum order value.

Unlimited possibilities with MIL-spec connectors


We have everything to respond to the most specific needs, from light modifications on standard connectors to exclusively customized solutions.

Ensure the signal integrity thanks to the connectors optimized for high-speed data transmission protocols.

Don't limit yourself to the standard connectors' hight: choose a perfect board-to-board solution for mezzanine connections.

Sealed interconnect systems provide secure connections in harsh environments, including IP67 or IP68 ratings.

Savers are designed to protect connectors from wear and tear due to mating and unmating cycles during the testing process.

Protect electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) thanks to shielded connectors.


We believe that details count! A perfectly fitting accessory will save space in the equipment or bring additional protection to secure the signal.

Gain more space: customize your backshells to fit your application perfectly.

Dust on your connectors during storage? Shocks or damages during handling? We've got you covered! The protection cap will protect your contacts until the final assembly. It can also prevent ESD damage.

An interfacial seal between the mating faces of connectors isolate contacts from the degrading environments such as moisture, dust, etc. It also prevents these environments from being transmitted from one piece of equipment to another area through the connector.


Make your cable assembly safe in the most extreme conditions!


Minimize the size of electronics using flex circuit connections. We provide ready-to-use flex assemblies with standard and customized connectors.