Nicomatic's VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects provide:

  • Ruggedness: designed to be rugged and reliable, making them ideal for harsh environments.
  • Performance: offer high performance, with highspeed data rates
  • Scalability: flexible standard that can be adapted to meet the needs of various applications.
  • High density: supports up to 24 optical channels per connector (48 with 2 MT ferrules)

The VITA 66 standard is compatible with the VPX (VITA 65) standard, providing seamless integration with other VPX components. Nicomatic offers full support services for its VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects, including design assistance, manufacturing, and testing

Nicomatic's VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Medical imaging
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial automation

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Nicomatic's VITA66 Datasheet