CrimpFlex™ Jumper Cables

CrimpFlex™ Jumper Cables

Our CrimpFlex™ jumper cables are dedicated to connections from board to board in 2 market standard pitches, 1.27mm and 2.54mm. The FFC cables manufactured by Nicomatic are used for the jumpers are made of two flat copper conductors laminated between two layers of polyester/adhesive insulation.
Our jumpers allow a better retention compared to FFCs used with ZIF/LIF connectors thanks to a large choice of contacts and housings designed for each use. The best contact resistance together with a high mechanical force are a guarantee for a higher reliability and longer life-time of the end product.

General features:

  • UL VW-1 inflammability + UL E235596, 232192, 203388 certificates
  • -20% to -30% lighter vs. bulky discrete wires type AWG26
  • Temperature range -55°C to +105°C (polyester cable)
  • Up to 50 contacts crimped at a time with our presses
  • 90° bending, crimping on the opposite side to left
  • Numerous functions of connection: cale extension, locking etc.
  • Options: shielded cable, polyimide material…

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product parts

1.27MM bulk cables
1.27mm bulk cables
Crimpflex catalogue erratum
CRIMPFLEX connectors
1.27mm CrimpFlex housings and contacts datasheet
CrimpFlex Jumpers 1.27mm
CrimpFlex Crimping guidelines 2.54mm
What is the cable used for flexcable jumpers ?

The flat cables used for Nicomatic flexcable jumpers equipped with Crimpflex connectors are made of flat copper conductors both sides adhesive bonded to aluminium foils.

Is it possible to connect a flatcable with a AWG cable?


Yes. NICOMATIC provides an interconnect solution which allows to associate the two systems:
- 2SLxx (female housing)
- 1SMxx (male housing)
- 12472 (female contacts)
- 12471 (male contacts)