Switch’Air™ 4 legged domes

Switch’Air™ 4 legged domes

Thanks to the technology and process of 4-legged Switch’Air™ domes patented by Nicomatic (cushion of air between metal domes), domes do not stick to each other any longer. The placement of components on flexible or rigid circuits becomes more reliable in Pick & Place mode and allows to increase productivity per placed dome.
It is not necessary to use a multi-layer PCB or PCB piercing. Our metal domes are dedicated to membrane switches and all man-machine interface applications with thin thickness.

General features:

  • non-stick Switch’Air™ domes
  • simple and accurate placement by automatic systems
  • high flexibility with 4 packagings to choose from: in tube, in reel, in bulk or on array
  • material: stainless steel with nickel plating, or one-side gold plating: no contamination
  • Temperature of use: -40°C to +105°C
  • Switching voltage: 0.1 to 100 V
  • Switching current 0.005 to 100 ma DC / Power at 1 Watt
  • Contact resistance < 100 mOhm

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Switch'Air domes datasheet
Domes N6-4L(-D)
Domes N8.4-4L-(D)
Domes N10-4L(-D)
Switch'Air domes pattern (one side PCBs)
What do you mean by SWITCH'AIR?

It is a patent & trademark of Nicomatic. The Switch'Air dome helps to create a cushion of air between the domes so that they do not stick together. This process ensures an efficient and reliable automatic placement.

What does "dimple" stand for ?

There are 2 types of dimple : dimple & micro-dimple. The micro-dimple exists for 6mm domes. Thanks to its small size it allows, in case of dust on the circuit, to eliminate the dust and make the contact.
The dimple on the 8.4mm,10mm & 12.2mm is recommanded for flexible circuits in order to limit the travel.