CMM Micro connectors - 2mm pitch MIL-DTL-55302F

CMM Micro connectors - 2mm pitch MIL-DTL-55302F

CMM connectors are designed to meet or exceed electrical & mechanical performances of MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033 standards. This modular connector allows more than 20 million arrangements. 

Main features:

  • Extreme modularity (Signal, power and coaxial contacts, from 1 to 3 rows, up to 120 pins)
  • 2mm pitch
  • Board-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire configurations 
  • Space-saving up to 60%, weight saving up to 50% compared to other existing rectangular micro-connectors with the same functionalities
  • Robustness with PPS material: no humidity absorption, oxygen-free, radiation resistance and solvent resistance
  • Temperature cycling between -60°C and + 260°C
  • Highly resistant to vibrations and shocks 
  • Various and numerous fixing hardware
  • Lead time from 1 week, no MOQ
  • Online services iOS/Android for designers (automatic part numbering system, automatic 2D and 3D drawings) 

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CMM Cabling Specifications
Cabling instruction HF female series 22 contact to braze
Cabling instruction male HF series 22 contact
Cabling instructions for HP contact series 22
Cabling instruction for HF male contact series 22 to braze
IC30HP04 HP90° Cabling instruction
LF contacts insertion instructions in CMM housings with C12935 tool
Mounting instruction for HF &...tacts into CMM340 series housings
Cabling instructions HP contacts series 30
Cabling instruction female contact HF series 22
Cabling instruction female HF series 22 contact
Cabling Instruction female HF series 30 contact to braze
Cabling instructions for HP22-3305 with AWG22
Cabling instructions for HP30-4305 contacts with AWG22
Cabling instruction male HF contact series 30 to braze
ICLF01 - Cabling instructions LF contact
Usage instruction for CMM Range
Latch CMS 90

NICOMATIC offers 90° SMT latches for CMM100/200 series female connectors. It completes the existing range of friction and straight SMT latches available in the range. The SMD latch is generally used in board-to-wire interconnection systems where a connector is fixed to female housings on cable.

High power contacts crimping

The new generation of HP (high power) contacts is crimped using a new process.

Contacts concerned:

How to preserve a long life and quality to your connectors

A wide range of lock fixing hardware are available for all plastic connectors CMM and metal shell DMM 

They maintain the connectors locked in severe conditions such as shocks, vibrations... 

To allow full functionality and a long life cycle of your connectors, make sure you follow the recommended steps for mating and unmating: 

CMM backpotting

Backpotting is the process of filling the back area of a CMM connector, at the entrance area of the contacts inside the plastic housing, using liquid epoxy comprised of Stycast 2651 MM black as the base and Catalyst 9 as the initiator (cross linker). It is then cured to solid stage.


Six Things to Consider When Specifying Electrical Connectors for the Mil-Aero Market

Harsh-environment military and aerospace electronics applications require specialized interconnect solutions. The interconnect solutions for these applications not only have to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as extreme operating temperatures, high vibration, high pressure, and exposure to water or dust but must also correspond to the high level of technical performance demanded by the final applications.

CMM Interconnect system

CMM interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions of use, vibration & shock severity, high temperature (250°C for 1000 hours exceding the 85°C per the MIL), humidity, salt spray, corrosion and high altitude (70,000 ft). This system has fulfilled the most rigorous requirements under MIL-DTL55302F qualification test routine and EIA test procedures.

Miniaturization of soldered contacts

Due to the need for miniaturization in a growing number of electronics systems, more and more designers need to overcome the lack of space with their connecting solutions. In those reduced spaces, they also need to integrate more complex functionalities. For example, some RF (radio-frequency) functionalities that need to adapt to cables with reduced diameters, typically 1.2mm called micro-wave.

What does CMM stand for?

In French, Connecteur Micro-Millimetrique or micro-millimetric connector. Its is a 2mm pitch connector.

Board to board, board to wire and wire to wire, CMM connectors give the designer a wide choice of configurations in data transmissions (HF or LF) and high power supplies (HP). The connector is available in mixed layout or in all signal.

Is there a locking system?

Yes. For the CMM100 & 200, an optional latch offers the security of interconnection. For the CMM220, 320/340 and CMM Multi-Mix, an internal locking system is available (jackscrew mechanism).

What is the CMM product range by Nicomatic?

Nicomatic offers 4 product families : CMM100/200 series, CMM220 series, CMM320/340 series and CMM Multi-Mix series :

CMM 100, simple row of contacts, signal (LF) only
CMM 200, double row of contacts, signal (LF) only

CMM 220 : double row of contacts, this connector benefits from the option of a mixed layout, giving the designers a choice of high frequency, high power, fiber optic (upon request) and low frequency.

CMM 320, three rows environment with up to 16 special contacts (up to 120 LF contacts).
CMM 340, three rows with up to 64 special contacts if no signal contact is used.


CMM Multi-Mix, 2 or 3 rows with possibility to mix HF, HP and LF contacts of same type in one connector.

What is the maximum number of contacts in a CMM connector?

CMM 100, 02 to25
CMM 200, 04 to 50
CMM 220, 04 to 60 (15 contacts HP/HF max.)
CMM 320, 06 to 120 (20 contacts HP/HF max.)
CMM 340, 06 to 120 (64 contacts HP/HF max.)

Could you specify which termination styles are available?

The following termination styles are available : board solder, surface mount, crimped on cable or solder on cable and pressfit.

Does CMM comply with an inflammability standard?

Yes, UL 94-V0 norm.

What is the maximum intensity for high frequency?

up to 30 A depending on cable and test routine used.

What is the maximum frequency of the coaxial contacts?

Up to 11 Ghz (depends on the cable used and test routine followed).

If you remove a contact, can you reinsert?

Yes. This is a 1 time reinsertion for LF crimp contacts, 50 cycles for special contacts HF/HP series 30 (Coaxmatic 30) and 5 cycles for special contacts HF/HP series 22 (Coaxmatic 22).

What is the thickness of nickel and gold plating for CMM322YL and 321YL connectors?

Contact area is copper alloy/ Ni (2µ) + Au 1µ
Contact tail is copper alloy / Ni (2µ) + Au flash 0.1µ
Body is copper Alloy / Ni 2 µ+ Au 0.2 µ
Socket boby is Beryllium Alloy / Ni 2 µ + Au 1.25 µ

Nickel 2µ is used as a barrier against migration of Au. If you put Au directly on copper that would lead to gold pollution and then to oxidation, so there will be a very bad contact resistance.