AMM - Off-The-Shelf connectors - 1mm pitch

AMM - Off-The-Shelf connectors - 1mm pitch

AMM connector with 1mm pitch connector is the solution for the most demanding space constraint issues. This high-reliability connector offers 5 standard layouts including 06, 10, 20, 34, and 50 contacts distributed over two rows. It has a minimal footprint, is easy to configure with 5 termination types:  male and female straight through PCB, male and female SMT on PCB, female on cables.

AMM eases procurement with available stock for quick protoyping, simplifies design phase and supply chain. The connectors are available in cut tape-and-reel for PCB versions and pre-wired for cable versions, ready to use. It is a simple, efficent interconnect solution that will provide you peace of mind thanks to its tested reliability for demanding environments.

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What are the pin counts available on AMM?

With AMM, you can arrange 6, 10, 20, 34 and 50 signal contacts. Those pin counts are standard and stocked. It is possible to have other arrangements from 4 to 50 upon request, please contact us.

What configurations are standard on AMM?
You can use PCB to PCB assembly, either straight through or SMT. And PCB to wire with male connector on PCB and female pre-wired.
What current AMM is able to carry?
We can provide you with more refined details depending on the number contacts you use, the configuration type and other parameters such as cable AWG. Here are some examples at 25°C: For 6 pins configuration, from 4A per contact on PCB/PCB to 4.8A per contact on PCB/AWG26 For 20 pins configuration, from 2.5A per contact on PCB/PCB to 4.8A per contact on PCB/AWG26 For 50 pins configuration, from 1.8A per contact on PCB/PCB to 3.2A per contact on PCB/AWG26
What are the details of a standard pre-wired female connector?

Standard pre-wired female connectors are delivered with mounted jackscrews (V16) and blue AWG28 MIL wire, backpotted. It is available in lengths of 150, 300 and 450mm.

Those versions are stocked.

You can also select other AWG (AWG26 or AWG30) with other wire colors and adapted length upon request.

What are the performances tested on AMM?
AMM has been designed as a miniature connector for demanding environments taking as well into account your supply chain problematics in terms of availability, cost and streamlining. For this purpose, our AMM connector has been tested against key performances (electrical, vibration, shock,...) to provide you with product reliability and supply chain affordability. The list of performances tested is available on the AMM webpage.