Domes arrays

Domes arrays

Metal dome arrays are a tactile interface between the user and keyboard. They are made of a pre-cut polyester adhesive and domes (polyester adhesive 0.05mm thick with a 0.03mm thick sheet of acrylic adhesive).
Dome arrays are applied to the PCB after peeling off the backing and aligning the array in one single operation.
2 types of arrays are mainly used: arrays with KISSCUTS (series of cuts around the dome in the polyester for a better adherance & ventilation of the dome) and arrays with P.A.S., an additional layer applied under the retaining layer with
channels enabling a higher volume of air around the dome.

General features:

  • Venting - Adhesion – Sealing
  • Design w/ domes of your choice, dimension and shape & with mixing different domes
  • High Productivity

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Metal Dome Arrays datasheet
Selecting The Right Metal Dome for Real World Applications

Electrical switches are important in the world of human-machine interface (HMI) and can be used anywhere from the microwave in your kitchen to a hospital bed in the emergency room of your local hospital.  Many companies rely on the activation life advertised by manufacturers, but the data is compiled in a strictly controlled testing environment.  Every electrical switch is used in a different way and a different environment; numerous circumstances affect the life-cycle of metal domes and vary when used in real-world applications verses a strictly controlled testing environment.&nb

What is an array of domes ?

It is a polyester carrier with pre-positioned domes. It can be described as a custom made array according to the specification of our customers.

What are the advantages of an array of domes compared to bulk orders ?

The array will make it possible to place at once all the keys of your MMI switch. This you will avoid all problems related to dome positionning, lacking dome double or reverse dome.

Can we speak of a standard array ?

The array with kiss cuts is an array with a series of cuts in the polyester/adhesive carrier around the dome. It is considered as a standard product. However, P.A.S. arrays tend also to become a standard. It depends on the usage.

What is a P.A.S type array ?

P.A.S. (Pre-assembled spacer). It is an additional layer applied under the retaining layer with channels enabling a volume of air around the dome. The spacer can be made of different materials, for example with polyester 0.1mm thick or transparent PET 0.1mm thick.
The ventilation is made via channels in the spacer layer connecting the various dome chambers.