FFC cables

FFC cables

FFC cables are made with conductive copper laminated between 2 layers of polyester, with thermic adhesive increasing life expectancy.

From 0.5 to 2.54 mm pitch, Nicomatic offers a wide range of cables for board to board environment. FFC are soldered directly or mated with ZIF/LIF standard connectors. 

  • Standard UL solutions from -55° to +105°C
  • Wide range & specific arrangements
  • From 2 to 250 ways according to cable type
  • Gold FFC
  • Shielded FFC
  • Impedance Control FFC
  • Specific options: video cables, variable pitch, bending, laser cut, other materials…

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P3 & P7 styles (FFC Cables): what is the difference ?

P3 cables are used for mating to ZIF sockets and P7 are for soldering to a PCB.

Which standard pitches do you have for FFC cables?

0.5 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.27 / 2.54mm pitches are available.


From 0.5mm for space saving to 2.54mm, a large variety of pitches is available to suit your needs.