Modular, sealed, and meeting the EMI requirements of this standard, Nicomatic now includes in its catalogue rectangular connectors EN4165.

Lighter and more compact than its circular equivalent "D38999", the EN4165 is the solution of choice to get out of the box and connect your equipment in the most severe environments.

Adopt EN building blocks and be the first to benefit from this agile solution:

  • stackable
  • suitable for panels or backplanes
  • ultra modular
  • almost unlimited range of contacts.
  • intermateable and interchangeable with existing solutions for increased simplicity in all your designs.

Developed for and therefore recognized in the civil aeronautics sector, the relevance of EN4165 goes beyond this single market. It allows us to offer standardised connectors adapted by their performance to the military, railway, and other applications.

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Catalogue EN4165 Optimus
Optimus / EN4165 Sell Sheet
Self declaration of conformity - Optimus