SMD Test Terminals from Nicomatic

SMD Test Terminals from Nicomatic
SMD Test Terminals from Nicomatic

Responding to the market need for miniaturization and testing more complex and multi-component circuits NICOMATIC has designed miniature surface mount test terminals. Supplied on tape and reel for easy handling and use and supplied from stock at a competitive pricing.

Nicomatic test terminals present a mechanical test hook interface on the SMD PCB which enables the operator to clip a test probe from a test rig or oscilloscope to the PCB for evaluation. The terminals, which are 2.5mm x 1.3mm x 1.5mm in size (come on standard 8mm tape carrier) are suitable for use with most standard test probes on the market and can also be used as zero resistance links.

As a result, the NICOMATIC SMD Test terminals save substantial time on mounting by avoiding PCB piercing, hole plating, manual insertion and soldering of traditional test pins.

In comparison to similar miniature parts available on the market the C12000 test terminals:

  • have a larger surface for an efficient soldering onto PCBs
  • are less prone to oxidation thanks to pure tin bright plating with nickel under layer
  • allow secure multiple testing on a circuit thanks to a better material hardness