High power contacts crimping

High power contacts crimping

The new generation of HP (high power) contacts is crimped using a new process.

Contacts concerned:

  • series 30 (3mm dia.) for CMM220 & CMM320  
  • series 22 (2.2mm dia.) for its series CMM340

The crimping is optimized by using a 8-indent new technology crimping process with a new tool P/N AF8 (MIL-AERO approved) equipped with special positioners under P/Ns C16460 for HP contacts series 30 and C16461 for HP contacts series 22.

  • The contacts 30-X310* & 22-X310 (10A) are now multi-gauge, which means that it is now possible to crimp on this contact cable gauges AWG20, AWG18 and AWG16 with the tool AF8.

*X needs to be replaced by 3 for male or by 4 for female

  • Thanks to the new crimping, cable retention in the contact is higher.
  • All High Power (HP) contacts 30-X310, 30-X315 and 30-X320 + 22 series can now be crimped with the new crimping method (read the crimping instructions IC30HP02 & IC22HP02).
  • High Power contacts can be crimped or soldered.

Approvals have been done according to MIL DTL 55302F, EIA 364-08B crimp tensil strength test procedure & requirement and approval according to IPC/WHMA-A-620.