CMM backpotting

CMM backpotting
CMM backpotting

Backpotting is the process of filling the back area of a CMM connector, at the entrance area of the contacts inside the plastic housing, using liquid epoxy comprised of Stycast 2651 MM black as the base and Catalyst 9 as the initiator (cross linker). It is then cured to solid stage.


  • Lightweight alternative to overmolding & backshells, both of which add weight and increase the overall thickness and width of the connector
  • Can deliver the same functionality as backshells, but without the bulk and only a minimal increase in weight. It however fixes the contacts for good.
  • Fills the space around wires as they pass into the connector. Nicomatic uses a two-part epoxy polymer as backpotting material. Special backpotting shapes are used with the CMM Series 200 female series (P/N 14501-xx where xx = length of the connector) and Series 220 male & female connectors (P/N 14143-xx), while the extended walls of the Series 320 and Series 340 are filled with backpotting material.
  • Can also perform the back potting process on the right angle PCB CMM connectors
  • Protection from moisture and debris, both prevented from entering a connector housing filled with backpotting material
  • Strain relief as the backpotting material increases the surface area of attachment between the wire and the housing. This adds strength, increases reliability, and reduces the potential for product failure.